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Electric Vehicles and modern World

These are time of changes in the world.
  This is the magical opportunity to implement improvements that later would have  traumatic effects.
  The energy uses and its consequences , will make the inevitable changes.
  Gradually, co exists  electric vehicles ,  other moved  with petrol or oil, compressed air, hybrids, etc.
  The industry will have to lower costs because having more diversification, the gain will be smaller and more distributed.
   Possibly more robots were installed , and automation to lower costs to allow large multinational corporations to compete with other emerging countries , where labor is cheap and social laws, weak.
  And this is where we should stop and reflect.
  No doubt this is one of the time in which man has been more creative, as in the Renaissance, or in the early 60s.
  THE BIG DIFFERENCE IS THAT WORLD POPIULATION HAS TO BE INCREASED   , people need to compete,  man being less happy.
  The increase in suicide rates , unemployment , divorce , violence so indicate.
  Anyway you can say , and which is the relation  with the other changes in the energy matrix?.
   It really has nothing to do , but I can say that we can take the opportunity to begin a journey of change toward happiness and justice.
  Presumably processing factories , minimizing labor positions , by  using more computerized robots and other automation , is a cause of loss of sources of employment, which degenerates in the degradation of human beings.
  People living in the world to comply stages , growth , reproduction , death and born .
In each one stagewe find the happiness, the satisfaction of each meet which a pre established.
  This civilized life , social and community of man , has arranged indirectly tasks that enable obtaining basic needs ,food , heatlth , education , home.
  This makes the individual feel useful , productive , each in his own level, and this feeling is part of physical and mental health , basic components of happiness.
  The absence of such a feeling of usefulness in adults generates anxiety, a feeling of frustration , of breaches of the life stages , the sense that the very existence should have.
  This is transmitted to all levels of society where it is seen as disorders in couples, society , apathy , violence , introversion , low self-esteem.
  In young individuals becomes worse , the frustration is transmitted from the older generation , lack of hope , appears and causes havoc on the fragile emerging soul.
  Forming a teenager growing into an activity that the community is looking forward , is one thing , and another very opposite is looking some job to pay the bills and nothing else.
  So  there are no horizons , no targets  , is the beginning to a depressive agony.
  As could change this reality ?   , with genuine work to people and  return  their self-esteem, to feel useful and appreciated.
  To do actions which would be positive?
 There are activities that create a feeling of fullness and satisfaction more than others.
 Among these are the works that stimulate creativity, developing and enhancing the  human.
 The construction of new things is an activity that generates emotional stability, helping to self-control.
 The industry is one of the key activities , when jobs are eliminated to cut costs, should be reformulated and employ more labor in the productive sectors to the individual returning your occupation , your health , your self esteem and your family.
  Unemployment, leisure, are enemies to fight.
 It should be a limit of machines , a standard   ROBOT BY MAN , regularized by the community such as regulating the traffic, health etc.
  Thus shall Nations offers  more and better quality job opportunities , generating a better social and decreasing inequality.
  What is the qualitative contribution of employers to gain hundreds of millions of dollars to the community?  when factories and products come from China, India, etc..
   Which is the beneficts or goods  a  robots factory  give to  people community.
   It is undisputed that is as damaging as crime or fraud.
   It is preferable to many entrepreneurs whose gain is more reasonable, and their villages with factories with thousands of workers who contribute to reality.
  Then, as electric vehicles contribute to this  amazing future?
The challenge ahead for the industry involve investments in infrastructure and human resources , and this is where we begin to apply the change.
 All these activities would be governed by the man-machine ratio in the future.
 This will make it easier to control and does not affect the growth of the company.
 This regime will be global and must be applied by every country that integrates the World Trade Organization.
 This is the general guideline plan that supports Aldos  Movement.
 The incorporation of new energy sources is the second step  , and the regulation of  the supply activitie is the third .

Section – user and stations EV cars

Section –  user and  stations
  So what is the form in which electric cars are to be used en masse.
  As Camera man, when I shoot scenes in the countryside or on the beach, there I can not recharge  my camera  battery , so the solution is to change the old battery by recharged another.
  This is the beginning of the Global System I propose, instead of charging the batteries of electric vehicles ,  change it by other recharged , as simple and quick as filling a gas tank.
 This system has several virtues
1 – minimizes the waiting time, since change is done in minutes.
2 – eliminates the problem of overweight vehicles, it will not be necessary to use large number of accumulators.
3 – eliminates the problem of autonomy, because the battery can be changed as often as necessary.
4 – Remove the big problem of unemployment increased by  EV  massive use  in  gas stations sectors , creating new stations recharge batteries
5 – increases control over the use of batteries, which will be centralized at stations
6 – reduces pollution due to waste caused by unused batteries as they will be centralized at checkpoints easily identifiable.
7 – will make possible the use of EV in practice, since it is like using gasoline powered cars .
 8 – governments can control and design of energy policies
   I can think that the the system will function , now is time to think about its implementation and consequences
     Well , to make the system work as such , must be widespread and supported .
   This means that batteries must be standardized in size, capacity and the power transfer connections.
  Personally I think it would be optimal regulation of three sizes , for EV small cars , medium and large commercial vehicles and buses and trucks for
  These accumulators will be housed in the central sector of the vehicle under the floor, with access form below.
  For this , change stations have raised floors allowing the movement of the accumulators to street level.
  This allows the flow of air for ventilation and quick access to emergency storage housing.
  Stations can obtain  energy from many different ways , wind turbines may have if space allows , solar , hydro generators , and also must have a heat generator for emergencies.

        Accumulators and usage.
   The property of the accumulators won t be of users.
   The user who buy an EV will not pay for the property of the accumulator, pay a fee for the right to use and recharge.
   The batteries will be owned by the manufacturer, who is responsible for recycling.
   Therefore the user is entitled for a predetermined length of time and number of recharges, and when need a new one must to buy another boucher.
   When the user arrives at a station,  pay electric battery consumption with taxes.
   With this system, the user does not depend on its battery, can travel freely
      Accumulators and controls.
  To prevent unscrupulous  management of accumulators , it be necessary  the creation of a responsible ecological police  to track the  accumulators.
  This can be easily monitored, since only may leave the factories to the stations , and will have barcodes for comptroller as well as to record and track usage history.
  Recycling is the responsibility of the manufacturer, in order to reduce environmental costs, forcing wing maximum reuse of components useful.
  With this system, the future of the World will not only be more promising, even changed the political map of many Nations , that Nations that generating wealth and power through the oil, so the current situation in the Middle East  perhaps  will change , with consequent change of current World situation.

Aldo Dellepiane

miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2012

  •  The interior of  DellepiuS Supercar 013 scale model  , it has no driving comands inside because is top secret design.
  •    The unit allow to go over snow and water ,or with other configuration as disablied people car who moves on wheelchair.

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DellepiuS New Bettle  2010

This was my project to show the way  new cars must  be.
 As in 1932 , when Ferdinand Porsche wants to show his new car concept, and try to sell the project to Tatra , NSU ,
 But finally a man who was a visionary , yes the politician , a man who change the world , a plenty of defects man , named A Hitler , give Eng Porsche the oportunity to show how good was his car project.
Those was post war era , the car was adated and fight in the WWII , was a really economical car
The project solve lot of human troubles , as a personal car , military , anphibious , etc.
 Post war era was very hard time to Germany ,VW Beetle was the posible moving solution for many people.
BMW , as German car maker was also  by dificult times.
 They have the idea , not to make a new car , the bought the project , an italian one , called Isetta.
 It was , like Beetle , or Kafer , the car that let people move , there , here and everywhere.
 The little Isetta  was , and is more than a city car , it can reach 90 kmh , pull a little trailer and more.
 Those projects were sons of the War  , now the World are standing at a new War , the financial World War , complete Nations perhaps don t will survive, it s time to think in a new WWCAR.
And   YES , it s a DellepiuS project , the Supercar 013.
 Wait ,, and be part of the creative experience.
 Like in other time , when people like , Karl and Bertha Benz , F Porsche ,  Horazio  Satta ,Eng Jano , people who are the CAPITAL of today car makers the HUMAN resources is most care value a company have , despite computers, robots and accounters.