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DellepiuS New Bettle  2010

This was my project to show the way  new cars must  be.
 As in 1932 , when Ferdinand Porsche wants to show his new car concept, and try to sell the project to Tatra , NSU ,
 But finally a man who was a visionary , yes the politician , a man who change the world , a plenty of defects man , named A Hitler , give Eng Porsche the oportunity to show how good was his car project.
Those was post war era , the car was adated and fight in the WWII , was a really economical car
The project solve lot of human troubles , as a personal car , military , anphibious , etc.
 Post war era was very hard time to Germany ,VW Beetle was the posible moving solution for many people.
BMW , as German car maker was also  by dificult times.
 They have the idea , not to make a new car , the bought the project , an italian one , called Isetta.
 It was , like Beetle , or Kafer , the car that let people move , there , here and everywhere.
 The little Isetta  was , and is more than a city car , it can reach 90 kmh , pull a little trailer and more.
 Those projects were sons of the War  , now the World are standing at a new War , the financial World War , complete Nations perhaps don t will survive, it s time to think in a new WWCAR.
And   YES , it s a DellepiuS project , the Supercar 013.
 Wait ,, and be part of the creative experience.
 Like in other time , when people like , Karl and Bertha Benz , F Porsche ,  Horazio  Satta ,Eng Jano , people who are the CAPITAL of today car makers the HUMAN resources is most care value a company have , despite computers, robots and accounters.

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